Dázon Dixon Diallo at Campaign to End AIDS Rally



Dázon Dixon Diallo at Campaign to End AIDS Rally


Dázon Dixon Diallo, founder and president of SisterLove, Inc., at a rally by the Campaign to End AIDS outside of the presidential debate between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain on September 26, 2008 in Oxford, Mississippi. Activists traveled to Mississippi from all over the country, including Hawaii, as part of eight caravans to demand a national strategy in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Diallo traveled as part of the Hampton Roads Caravan, which originated in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

In this photo, Diallo holds a folded piece of paper in her left hand, while raising a foam finger that says "Stand Against AIDS" with her right. She wears a black t-shirt with "got AIDS?" in white lettering, and a black hair wrap.


September 26, 2008



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Oxford, Mississippi


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