African Americans are seen sometimes as the highest number of people carrying the HIV/AIDS disease. There are differences in their experiences compared to Caucasians, Hispanics, etc.; but there are different experiences in the African American. There are African Americans that are celebrities, that are richer than most, the middle class, the poor, and then the homeless. African American are the minority, but sometimes there are differences in the communities; most times there are not seen the same because some can acquire more than others. African Americans that have more money are more accessible to find treatment than African Americans who are poor, homeless, or live in areas that do not have access to medicine. HIV/AIDS is something that can affect the body, make one sick, but some people do not know that they have the disease until it has become unbearable and it is attacking the body at a harder rate. African Americans who are homeless either do not know they are sick or they do know, but they do not have the insurance or healthcare to be able to access the medicine to take care of themselves correctly. It is all about the experience. 


Carlos Abarca, Jasmine Johnson, Adjani Pilorge